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The provisional calculation of pensions reflects a projection of the future situation in terms of law and pension calculation at a given point in time. The calculation is based on the data and statutory limitation period currently in force. Under the 2020 pension reform (referendum scheduled on 24.09.2017), the legal dispositions relating to the obligation to pay contributions, the age of retirement, etc… can be subject to substantial modifications. The information provided is therefore subject to legal modification.

Pension estimate

ESCAL is a site which enables retirement pensions to be estimated online. Please note in advance the following conditions of use and mark the option "I have noted the above information", then click on "Enter".
Conditions of use :

The result is obtained by a simplified procedure and no guarantee is given. The presence of hypothetical elements in the calculation implies that the amounts indicated are given for information only. Consequently, these amounts have no legal value and are not in any way binding on the Swiss compensation office scheme.
Moreover, evaluation of the pension creates no entitlement to any benefit !
I have noted the above information.